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NEWS 2/11/14 9:31pm

SUB, SGA consider changes to annual concerts

Every year, there are two concerts at Elon. One is in the fall, and one is in the spring, but this tradition might change soon. The Student Union Board and Student Government Association say they are considering combining the two concerts into one Homecoming show. SGA Student Body President Welsford Bishopric said he thinks everyone would benefit from combining the shows.

NEWS 1/4/14 5:31pm

Beloved alumnus Rev. John G. Truitt dies at 81

Rev. John G. Truitt, distinguished Elon alumnus, died today at age 81. Truitt graduated from Elon in 1953 and died after a lengthy illness, according to an E-Net article. The Truitt family has been involved in Elon and its religious life since the early 1900s.

NEWS 10/27/13 10:16pm

Allied Churches expands to new food pantry

When Loaves and Fishes, Alamance County's largest food distributor, closed it doors in August, many community members worried where they would get their next meal. Allied Churches, a local food bank, stepped in to help out.

NEWS 9/24/13 3:08pm

Remembering Elon Student Michelle Pfleger

You may remember her as a freshman student in Fall 2010. She would be graduating with this year's Class of 2014, but Michelle Pfleger experienced only about a month of her freshman year before she died on Sept.

NEWS 9/18/13 10:29am

Elon battles spider problem

Whether you're a student living on or off-campus, you may have noticed more creepy-crawlies around your house than in years past. Many students are saying that spiders are roaming students' homes in greater numbers than last year, and in some cases, they're bigger than before. Large spider webs seem to be common in the fall on Elon's trees. "I'm not really scared of spiders," Senior Tucker Bolding said.

NEWS 9/12/12 11:48am

Are there GMOs in your food?

Carly Hildyard looked into whether there are GMOs in your food from on campus dining locations. We reached out to Aramark and they directed us to the FDA's website. [div class="alignleft"] [/div]

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