The Rev. Gregory Drumwright was found not guilty Feb. 6 on one charge of resisting a public officer during the Oct. 31, 2020, “I Am Change” march to the polls in Graham. According to the verdict, the Greensboro pastor has been found not guilty of three charges related to the rally. 

In September 2021, Drumwright was acquitted of a misdemeanor riot charge in district court but convicted of failure to disperse on command and resisting a public officer. After appealing to a superior court, he was granted a new trial, which began Feb. 2. The failure to disperse charge was dismissed Feb. 3. 

The Alamance County clerk of court did not respond to Elon News Network’s immediate request for comment.

The district attorney did not respond to Elon News Network’s immediate request for comment.

The charge of resisting a public officer, a Class 2 misdemeanor, stemmed from a dispute at the rally between Drumwright and an Alamance County sheriff’s lieutenant involving a gas-powered generator. The march and rally occurred the weekend before the 2020 general election. 

Jason Keith, Drumwright’s attorney, discussed the verdict on social media Feb. 6, confirming he was free of charges related to the march. 

In a press release from Justice 4 the Next Generation, a coalition advocating against racial inequality in America and in support of Drumwright, the group hopes “Drumwright’s case will serve as a guide for law enforcement to consider as it encounters other peaceful demonstrations.”

A spokesperson for Drumwright declined to comment beyond the press release. 

“We hope prosecutors will reflect on this case as it addresses other cases that arose

from the March for Change demonstration,” the release said. “In fact, we call on the Alamance County District Attorney to immediately dismiss all failure to disperse charges that stemmed from the March for Change that was held in October 2020.”