RALEIGH — Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate Deborah Ross will not be the next Senator of North Carolina. Ross received the results of the senatorial campaign today at the Marriott City Center in Raleigh.

It has been a tight race for Senator, with polls often calling the race between Ross and Republican incumbent Richard Burr a virtual tie for the past several months. At the beginning of the night, she held a close race with Burr.

Spectators began coming into the Marriott ballroom around 7:15 p.m. Chair of the NCDP Patsy Keever took the stage and thanked the crowd for being with the party on the long road.

"We are the Democrats, standing for higher quality schools, better teacher pay. For a clean environment, and better drinking water," Keever said. "The Republicans simply have the wrong priorities."

Ross has been campaigning around the state heavily for the past several months, even making a stop at Elon University earlier today.

“This is the most important election I’ve had in my lifetime,” Ross said.

She emphasized the importance of college affordability and the importance of every vote.  

While practicing and teaching law at Duke University, Ross worked for the North Carolina State house from 2003 to 2013. She then joined GoTriangle, a regional authority that gives transportation to those in Wake Forest, Durham and Orange County.

On the campaign trail, Ross spread her platform at rallies and several campaign events for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Ross emphasized lowering tuition and student loan debt and equal pay for women in the more-than 90 counties she visited.

Ross has been endorsed by many political figures this election cycle, including President Barack Obama, Clinton and even the Charlotte Observer editorial board. The results of this election were called early by MSNBC and the Associated Press around 10 p.m. Ross’s opponent Richard Burr won his third term as senator.

Ross waited privately in the hotel until the race was called. She came out to speak at about 10:50 p.m. and began with, “It’s been an election of a lifetime.” She held a disappointed but optimistic attitude as she accepted the result of the election.

“Now I want to tell you that we got in this race for the people of North Carolina, and I have loved going to more than 90 counties,” Ross said. Referring to the victims of Hurricane Matthew, she added, “We have met people who are struggling."

Ross closed with thanking everyone for their support in this election cycle. She felt as if this was a start to a bigger plan.

“I don’t consider this the end,” she said. "I consider it an opportunity to inspire young people."

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