The downtown Elon social district will launch in April, according to Town Manager Rich Roedner. Roedner said there may be an event for Elon community members to attend to launch the district, which was officially passed Sept. 26, 2022. During the Feb. 14 meeting, Town council members also discussed the first public art exhibit displayed in town hall and the town’s maintenance cart ordinance.

Social district launching soon

Town of Elon residents can look forward to seeing the district in action in April. Rodener told council members there may be an event to launch the social district, as well.

Town council debated the repercussions of making a downtown social district in September 2022. A social district would allow customers at local restaurants to enjoy two alcoholic beverages, in designated cups with the district logo, outdoors — an ability granted during the pandemic. After four meetings and a redrawn map, the district was officially and unanimously voted for Sept. 26, 2022

First public art display

The town of Elon has its first public art exhibit displayed in the town hall building. Quilts adorn the walls of town hall and will remain up through March. In March, the quilts will be displayed in the Elon Community Church for a quilt show. 

Kyra O'Connor | Elon News Network
Town of Elon Town Manager Rich Roedner sits in front of one of multiple quilts adorning the walls of town hall. The quilts are part of the town's first public art exhibition, on display now through March.


Mayor of the town of Elon Emily Sharpe said she has received positive feedback from residents regarding the expansion of Link Transit. The bus system, which is present throughout parts of Burlington, will now include stops in the town of Elon. 

“They talked about how happy they were with us taking the initiative to expand that,” Sharpe said.

Sharpe also received an email from a town of Elon resident regarding Elon University maintenance carts. The complaint brought into question the town’s existing ordinances related to golf carts and other types of vehicles, including tractors and maintenance vehicles. 

For example, as stated in Section 24.106 “Safety Equipment,” a golf cart must have yellow or orange flashing light visible from the top of the cart, two operating headlights, two operating tail lights and reflectors on both front and sides in order to drive at night, or be subject to $50 fine. This ordinance also states that all golf carts are required to have a permit through the town. 

Roedner said there is a lot of confusion from residents over what constitutes a golf cart and what vehicles are required to be licensed, and the council may need to work to provide guidance on the ordinance moving forward. The next town council meeting will be at 6 p.m. on Feb. 27 at Town Hall.