Zagster, the bike-sharing program implemented by the SGA last February, has ended.

The pilot program was originally created by the Student Issues Committee after students requested a bike-sharing program. Student Body Secretary Rachel Hobbs said it took two years of research to get the system up and running. 

“I think we just didn’t have the student interest that we thought we would’ve,” Hobbs said. 

The program allowed students to download the Zagster app and pick up a bike either at Lakeside Plaza or Daniel Commons and return it after three hours. The cost of Zagster went from free to $50 for the year on June 1, the same price as Campus Recreation’s year-long rental service. 

“I think any time you have a program as big as bike sharing you can’t jump into it without testing the waters first,” said Hobbs. Whether or not SGA would continue or expand the program had to do with the interest students had when they needed to pay into it.

Based on participation numbers, Hobbs said the program was not in a place where "it would be fiscally responsible” to renew the contract.

Sophomore Jared Mayerson liked Zagster because he likes to bike, but can’t bring his bike to school. “It was really convenient to take out a bike when I wanted to go on a bike ride,” Mayerson said. 

With Zagster, students could pick up a bike at their convenience instead of keeping tabs on their own bike. Mayerson said he will now have to look into Campus Recreation’s long-term rental program if he wants to continue biking.

When asked about a new program, Hobbs said, “I know there are students on campus who like Zagster, who like to bike, so we want to support those students.” SGA is looking to help fund Campus Recreation’s program, according to Hobbs.

“This wasn’t a quick decision. We did intense research for years [and] had grounds to believe it would succeed," Hobbs said. 

A letter was sent to all students who paid for the membership notifying them that SGA is working to refund their $50.