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NEWS 5/7/13 8:56pm

ELN Year in Review 2013

[column size="1-2" width:220px] "ELN Year in Review 2013" recapped all the best moments from Elon Local News during the 2012-2013 academic year.

NEWS 4/9/13 3:18pm

Autism Awareness Week

Walk into the Community Center at the Elon Community Church on the first Friday of the month and you would see crafts, kickball, dancing and a parachute.

NEWS 3/12/13 11:54am

The Carnival is in Town

The carnival is in town. The Powers Great American Midways opened its season last week at the intersection of North Church Street and Graham-Hopedale Road. The carnival has more than two dozen family friendly rides, games like ring toss where you try to win a prize and the classic food stands. Marc Janas, who is the Public Relations Director for Powers Great American Midways, said all the lights, rides and food are in Burlington to create some fun for local families. "Everybody has a good time and gets to have a good community celebration," Janas said.

NEWS 2/12/13 10:52am

Local Cake Shop Bakes Happiness Into the Community

What she said began as a "fluke," turned into a local shoppe in Burlington for April Murray who opened Main Street Cake Shoppe on South Church Street seven weeks ago. "We started really just giving them out saying, 'Hey, have a red velvet cupcake.' And then people were like, 'Oh!

NEWS 12/5/12 10:53am

Rumor of Doomsday at Elon

The end of the semester is here and while students are stuck studying in the library, many students are wishing for an excuse to relieve them from the stress of finals.

NEWS 11/14/12 2:53pm

Election season is a family tradition

Through election season, many students may remember the advertisements or the debates. But one Elon student has a different perspective on politics. For Elon Freshman Ashlyn Ross, election season is a time full of many memories. "There's campaigning, celebrating, and failure," Ashlyn said.

NEWS 9/18/12 10:47am

Death of UNC- Chapel Hill Student Impacts Elon Students

A university student was found dead at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill last Friday and even death at some other campus will impact any university. Faith Hedgepeth, a 19 year-old student at UNC Chapel Hill, was found dead inside her University apartment around 11a.m.

SPORTS 8/28/12 9:06pm

Elon adds new programs in compliance with Title IX

There are several initiatives going on all around campus that are focusing on inclusion and Elon is adding new programs to campus this fall handling sexual harassment. "It was really time for this and it was an important institutional priority," said Leigh-Anne Royster, Director of Health Services and Health Promotion at Elon. For the first time this fall, students can use the internet to make a report of sexual or bias harassment.

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