The carnival is in town. The Powers Great American Midways opened its season last week at the intersection of North Church Street and Graham-Hopedale Road.

The carnival has more than two dozen family friendly rides, games like ring toss where you try to win a prize and the classic food stands.

Marc Janas, who is the Public Relations Director for Powers Great American Midways, said all the lights, rides and food are in Burlington to create some fun for local families.

"Everybody has a good time and gets to have a good community celebration," Janas said. "People are always looking to come out and have something to do".

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Janas said some people think carnivals are an entertainment from the past, but it's not a dying business to him.

"What's special about us," Janas said, "it's a limited engagement. Each time we run an event, people know and it's something they look forward to on an annual basis. It's not something you can do every day."

Janas said they love setting up in the area just as much as local families enjoy visiting the carnival.

"Coming to Burlington," Janas said, "we have a good rapport with the community. Each year we love coming here. Burlington is a place that seems to welcome us as much as we welcome them."

When the rides move on around the state and eventually travel North for the rest of the season, carnival organizers hope families in those towns will visit, just like they did for this carnival in Burlington.

The Powers Great American Midway will be on North Church Street this year until March 24, 2013.