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NEWS 11/12/12 11:53am

Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week breaks down misconceptions with educational programs

In honor of National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, Campus Kitchen and Elon Volunteers are co-hosting a series of events November 12-16 in an effort to shed light on common misconceptions about homelessness, and introduce Elon University students to the ways they can help the homeless in the community. “I think a lot of times we have preconceived notions about homelessness,” said Rachel Lewis, hunger and homelessness co-coordinator for Elon Volunteers.

NEWS 10/30/12 4:56pm

Imam blasts misconceptions about Islam at Real Talk session

No question was off-limits to those gathered in Moseley Center’s Oak Room for “Some Real Talk with the Imam,” which invited members of the Elon community to receive clarification on common misconceptions about Islam. The event, hosted by Better Together, also offered a space for students to learn about the history and theology of the religion from Imam Abdullah Antepli, Muslim chaplain at Duke University. “It is the social homework of Americans to understand Islam as a religion and to understand Muslims as people,” Antepli said. [quote]A healthy society usually reflects the best of a religion, but an unhealthy society usually reflects the worst of it. -Imam Abdullah Antepli[/quote] After providing an overview of the Islamic faith, Antepli answered questions from the audience, including anonymously written submissions collected at the start of the event Oct.

NEWS 10/30/12 4:52pm

Panel discussion offers diverse viewpoints on Christian tradition

A panel of four Elon University faculty and staff members came together Monday night in the Isabella Cannon Room to discuss the traditions and experiences that have shaped their understandings of Christianity. “For Christians, our point of view is formed by how we use and interpret the bible,” said associate chaplain Jan Fuller in her opening address.

NEWS 10/18/12 9:00pm

Interim assistant chaplain aims to unite students through interfaith initiatives

When 2008 alumna Lauren Emery returned to Elon this fall, she noticed a change in the university’s strides towards religious diversity. “There is a renewed energy at Elon for creating a space where people can celebrate their own traditions, and also learn how to interact with people who have different traditions from their own," said Emery, who now works as the interim assistant chaplain. Though Emery hopes to help foster an environment that is wholly inclusive and welcoming of students from all religious backgrounds, she said she recognizes this is a goal that will not be met over night. “Some people still don’t feel that this is a place that is as accommodating of their traditions as much as it is of other traditions,” Emery said.

NEWS 10/8/12 10:14am

Educators debate uses and challenges of classroom technology

For many Elon students, laptops, smartphones and tablets are an essential part of everyday life. But some faculty members debate whether these technologies have a place in the classroom. “They are an educational tool,” said Peter Felten, director of the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning.

NEWS 10/4/12 5:04pm

Vigil invites students to break silence about suicide

A circle of candles glowed in the dark in front of Moseley Center during the National Suicide Prevention Month Vigil. Students and professors gathered to remember their peers, friends and relatives who they have lost to suicide, and those in attendance reflected on how those losses have affected their own lives. The vigil began Sept.

NEWS 10/2/12 8:54pm

Elon students learn about county through community engagement

When Elon University sophomore Rachel Gilman began her teaching practicum at Grove Park Elementary School, she felt as if nothing could have prepared her for the drastic differences between the lifestyles students led and the one she was accustomed to. “From the first time I set foot in the school, I was in culture shock,” Gilman said.

NEWS 9/25/12 6:06am

QEP Writing Excellence Initiative celebrates writing across university

Elon University will soon institute the Writing Excellence Initiative to help students achieve a high standard of written communication in their coursework and beyond. The initiative to enhance the writing curriculum throughout departments was developed under the Quality Enhancement Plan and aims to help students gain expertise in writing, inquiry and community engagement. “I think it’s easy for people across the university to see that writing is an important tool,” said Paula Patch, English lecturer and college writing program coordinator.

NEWS 9/18/12 8:52pm

Reality TV program follows Burlington officers in search for local woman

A missing person report concerning a Burlington resident attracted the attention of a reality television series this season. This fall, interested viewers can watch as the Burlington Police Department investigates the disappearance of a local woman on an episode of “Find Our Missing” on TV One, a cable channel based in Silver Spring. The show will follow Staff Sgt.

NEWS 9/5/12 10:03pm

Building inclusivity on a college campus: Religious spaces overlap in Multi-faith center

[quote]If we’re interested in living in a world full of peace that is lasting and real, we have to be understanding of other people’s religions - Jan Fuller, university chaplain[/quote] Even on a college campus where multiculturalism is welcomed, it takes a conscious effort to create an environment that is wholly diverse and accepting. Members of Elon University’s faculty and student body are now exploring ways an education about a wide range of religious traditions can increase and spread the understanding of various ideologies prevalent on campus. “Religion is fundamental to who we are as human beings,” said Jan Fuller, university chaplain.

NEWS 8/30/12 11:48am

Summer internships offer insight into career ambitions, alternative paths

In addition to warm weather and relaxation, internships are often an integral part of summer for an Elon University student. With the fall semester underway, many students are using their summer internship experiences to guide them in their future academic and career endeavors. Senior Heather Olin, a communications major, spent the summer earning academic credit as a press intern for the upcoming Woodstock Film Festival. “I enjoyed the film aspects of my job and respect what the festival does,” Olin said.

NEWS 8/25/12 1:16pm

New Student Orientation welcomes freshmen to Elon community

As a new class of students begins life at Elon University, the orientation team is working to ensure each of them feels welcome on campus. “The overall goal of orientation is to aid the transition for new students into the Elon community,” said Jill Padfield, orientation head team captain. To accomplish this goal, the orientation team has designed a series of activities to take place during move-in weekend to help incoming freshmen become more comfortable with Elon’s campus, the faculty and one another, according to Padfield. In addition to acclimating new students to Elon University, orientation also serves as an important social experience for incoming freshmen, according to senior Kathryn Knaus, student coordinator for orientation. “If you participate fully in orientation, I would be very surprised to hear that you don’t feel like you have a group of friends afterwards,” Knaus said.

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