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NEWS 4/26/11 11:11pm

Guest Blogger: Popular television shows serve as poor role models in real life

This was written by  Pendulum columnist Nicole Monge. Like it or not, “Gossip Girl” and “The Real Housewives” series are television programs that have made their way onto our televisions and into our culture. One of the negative facets of both shows is they tend to teach audiences that manipulating people and stabbing them in the back are practical behaviors for personal gains.

NEWS 4/8/11 2:13pm

Arizona approves guns on campuses

A few weeks ago, one of our news editors Kassondra Cloos, wrote a column about a proposal before the Texas legislature to allow guns on college campuses. Well yesterday, the Arizona House of Representatives voted on a similar bill, allowing guns to be carried on any state university or community college campus.

NEWS 3/30/11 6:41pm

Elon in the rain

There is something special about Elon all the time. Special good, special bad, call it what you want, but it's undeniable each day has something unique about it. Now, there's no doubt that Elon in the warm glow of an early spring day is something to marvel at.

NEWS 3/16/11 5:14pm

We're one big entity

Wednesday means a fresh copy of The Pendulum is at newsstands all over campus and online at This week's front page story is about the controversy surrounding the recent tenure appointments (or lack thereof). Loyal followers will note that last week, the Opinions section published a submitted cartoon on the topic and the week before, we ran a letter to the editor about it.

NEWS 3/10/11 3:44pm

One more thing...

Don't forget to check out the Pendulum Resolution Project blog and read news editor Caitlin O'Donnell's latest post. Maybe it will inspire you to do something for others over your Spring Break!

NEWS 3/3/11 6:46pm

Freedom of speech...for all?

Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled that members of the Westboro Baptist Church have the right to protest at the funeral of vetrans. The church believes that the wars in the Middle East are the work of God punishing Americans for the sins of homosexuality.

NEWS 3/1/11 7:05pm

Tomorrow, you're always a day away

But on Tuesday, tomorrow is even more exciting because it means Wednesday is coming, and with it, a fresh edition of The Pendulum! You can see this week's print issue here, but I hope you pick up a print copy, too!

NEWS 2/23/11 7:38pm

It has begun...with a bang

At just after 8 a.m. this morning, a steady pounding began, rattling windows, distracting students and signaling to everyone that construction on the Elon Town Center has officially begun.

NEWS 2/9/11 6:50pm

Editorials and Columns for the week

Here's a wrap-up of what you can expect when you open the latest issue of The Pendulum! In the Editorial section, we have a piece about The Pendulum's response to a recent debacle with the SGA. There's also one on campus safety in the wake of recent crime on campus. On the column front, three lovely ladies stepped up this week to share their opinions on alternative grading, Winter Term classes at Elon and summer internships. Finally, online only, there's one about the Super Bowl and its popularity in the United States. Thanks for reading The Pendulum and of course, the Opinions section!

NEWS 2/7/11 3:47pm

Super Bowl in a super community

Last night was Super Bowl XLV. In the basement screening of the McEwen School of Communications, a group of nearly two dozen gathered to eat pizza, talk and watch the game on the big screen.

NEWS 2/2/11 2:48pm

A new chapter

Hello all, My name is Rachel Southmayd and I will serve as the Opinions editor for The Pendulum through the 2011 year.

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