There is something special about Elon all the time. Special good, special bad, call it what you want, but it's undeniable each day has something unique about it.

Now, there's no doubt that Elon in the warm glow of an early spring day is something to marvel at. The trees sway with the ruffle of tiny leaves, tulips and daffodils stand straight as soldiers in flowerbeds lining buildings and the ducks and geese on Lake Mary Nell will soon be followed by parades of little balls of fuzz, chirping and cheeping as they learn how to walk, swim and fly.

But rainy days at Elon offer their own uniqueness. People stay inside. Dorm rooms become movie theatres for Star Wars marathons, Acorn becomes a place to sit and enjoy the company of friends instead of grab-and-go spot and all construction sounds come to a halt. There is peace on campus, and stillness, save for the falling of raindrops, aimless rippling of puddles and the occasional student darting from one building to another under a hood or umbrella.

Rainy days are nice. They're lazy and quiet and make sofas and slippers seem much more amiable companions than sundresses and lectures.

Plus, it's keeping the yellow cloud of pollen down, which is also very much appreciated.