But on Tuesday, tomorrow is even more exciting because it means Wednesday is coming, and with it, a fresh edition of The Pendulum!

You can see this week's print issue here, but I hope you pick up a print copy, too! It's hard to do the crossword on a screen.

Our staff ed this week is about some of Elon's oldest residents...the beautiful trees that dot the campus landscape, many of whom will be torn down in the next few months to make way for new construction projects. There's a very nice photo by Tracy Raetz, staff photographer, and another great cartoon by Libby McGuire.

Why only one staff ed, you say? Well, we had a letter to the editor come in at the last minute. Now, we don't post that online anywhere, so if you want to read a moving letter about a pressing topic, hunt down a copy of the paper anywhere on campus.

There are three columns about extremely important topics. Kassondra Cloos writes about gun laws on campus, accompanying Anna Johnson's news article on the same topic. Ashley Jobe and Alexa Johnson both address the issue of abortion, with Ms. Jobe writing about the black population and Ms. Johnson attacking the federal cuts to the funding of Planned Parenthood.