In the last few weeks, The Pendulum and Elon's SGA have been at odds. But this is nothing new. Government and the press have been at odds for as long as the two have existed. And even we, in our little collegiate bubble, are not immune.

But at last week's SGA debate, one of the main issues discussed was transparency, and that is a movement we at The Pendulum can definitely stand behind. A democratically-elected government makes decisions for its constituents, and the press, at its most basic function, serves a gatekeeper function, filtering and diffusing information, revealing what needs to be revealed and reminding both sides where the limits of power exist.

So get out there and vote this week. Vote for our new student government officials this week. And vote for transparency in government. If they uphold their end of the bargain, we will certainly uphold ours. And if they don't, we will still work tirelessly to shoulder both burdens.