In this week's Pendulum, we were fortunate enough to run our FOURTH (!!!) letter to the editor of the year. The first was a student praising an editorial, the second was a reader from off campus praising a reporter, last week's was a letter to the administration protesting a tenure decision and this week's was actually a cartoon about the same tenure issue.

Letters to the editor are wonderful for many reasons. First, it means people are reading and responding. Second, it means people think of the paper as an outlet through which they can share a message, meaning they value its role in this community. And thirdly, it is so much fun to get new and fresh opinions in the section, unhindered by assignments and deadlines.

These writers (and cartoonists, as the case may be) feel passionate enough about something to share it with us and our readers, and that is just awesome.

If you haven't picked up a copy or read it on, I recommend you do. Every section is so strong this week and each week we learn a little more. In the Opinions section particularly, we have that cartoon to the editor and an editorial about cultural events on campus, complimented by a picture drawn by our newest staff cartoonist, copy chief Eva Hill. There's also an editorial about the Westboro Baptist Church Supreme Court decision and a bonus editorial online only about the new meal plan system.

There's three columns in print: two about differing views on Greek Life at Elon by Robert Wohner and copy editor Lindsay Kimble, and one on the health care bill by news editor Caitlin O'Donnell. Robert Wohner has another column online as well, about the BYU Honor Code.

So grab a Pendulum today! And keep reading!