A few weeks ago, one of our news editors Kassondra Cloos, wrote a column about a proposal before the Texas legislature to allow guns on college campuses.

Well yesterday, the Arizona House of Representatives voted on a similar bill, allowing guns to be carried on any state university or community college campus. It passed 33-24 and now goes before the governor, having already cleared the Senate. In the Senate, the bill was "watered down" slightly so that guns are not permitted within campus buildings.

Bill supporters say that allowing all students to have guns on campus will allow students to defend themselves against those who wish to do harm with their firearms. I fail to see the logic. Fighting fire with fire just creates a bigger flame.

The Texas bill of a similar nature goes to vote soon, and if it passes, will join Utah as the only two states with broad, guns-allowed-anywhere-on-campus laws. Colorado gives colleges and universities the option to set their own rules.