Elon University students are busy people, there's no doubt about that. If you're someone who isn't heavily involved in at least one extra-curricular organization, if not more, then you are in the minority. We like to bite off giant chunks (some of which are bigger than we can chew) and devote ourselves to everything and anything, making time to go to events, speakers, performances and, of course, social gatherings commonly referred to as "parties."

And then there's, oh yeah, homework. The reason we're all in college.

But college isn't just about those pesky classes, papers and exams. Its about exploring your passions, which may or may not directly fall under your field of study. Maybe you're a biology student who's a devout Catholic. Maybe your economics major doesn't offer many chances for service, but you like to spend your afternoons at the Boys and Girls club. Maybe you study history but you have a secret desire to be a photographer for National Geographic.

In college, and specifically at Elon, it's about striking the right balance between maintaining an academic standing that pleases you and fulfilling your commitments to your other pursuits and, of course, having a life. For many of us, that last part might be the most difficult one to squeeze in, and for others, it may be the one we should really cut back on. No matter how you do it, make sure you're doing it on your own terms. Don't participate in organizations because you feel like you're supposed to because that will only lead to resentment. Don't neglect your classes because you're trying to get your money's worth here. And, don't schedule yourself into a black hole.

You never get to live these four years over again. So, too busy or not, make it count.