The next week at Elon will be fairly hectic. Tomorrow, it's a safe bet that at least the campus will empty out with people heading home or to friends' for  Easter break. Not that it's much of a break. It's one day tacked on to a regular weekend, but then again, Fall Break is only two days tacked on to a weekend, so why not celebrate this, too?

It's also probably a good bet that a decent number of those that are leaving will not come back until Wednesday, when classes are cancelled once again for SURF Day. On Thursday, we have our Wednesday schedule, though, and then Friday, life resumes as normal except for the fact that it's, well, Friday, and spring fever is running rampant all over campus.

But it isn't time to go clicking our heels just yet. Sure, enjoy your chocolate bunnies and attending presentations on SURF Day (or sleeping). Just remember though, this is the home stretch. There's something easier about hunkering down in the library to prepare for finals when it's December. Its an entirely different matter when the outdoors is begging you to come spend time with it and all you can think about is packing up your dorm or apartment to move on to summer plans.

It is the end of the semester nonetheless, though. It's time for final papers, projects and exams. The calendar and weather may be making it easier for us to forget the seriousness of the situation, giving us a few days to flirt with the concept of vacation, but it isn't time to pack up and move on just yet.

Give it another three weeks. And give it one last good push before its time to move out.