Production night at The Pendulum is in full swing, and we're all chugging along, preparing the Feb. 23 edition of the paper.

This week, if you pick up the paper, as you all should, you've got some interesting content to look forward to throughout, although I can really only speak to the Opinions section specifically.

The lovely staff over here has tackled two important topics in the Editorial section this week: the Student Government Association, whose elections are this week, and the proposed federal budget cuts that may effect Elon University students. Design editor-turned cartoonist Libby McGuire takes another turn at penning a great cartoon for us. She's been a wonderful addition to the section in the last few weeks.

There's also a letter from a reader (not local), commending a reporter for his efforts.

And finally, the columns. Kyra Gemberling tackles the emotions felt as Elon turns its attention to the incoming class instead of the current freshmen. And Ryan Maas and Neima Abdulahi, accompanied by the graphic work of Mark Capozolla, take on the crisis in the Middle East and North Africa.

So, pick up The Pendulum this Wednesday! Leave a comment here, on the website, or drop us an e-mail. We'd love to publish your comments. Happy reading!