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NEWS 8/20/21 2:23pm

Get to know your on-campus neighborhoods

The freshman housing experience is often either a treasured or terrible memory for many college students, and it’s where students begin to find their first sense of community on campus. Elon University has eight residential neighborhoods, five of which are open to freshmen. These neighborhoods boast varying themes and traditions, creating the opportunity for students to bond and connect with one another. 

LIFESTYLE 4/17/21 5:20pm

NPHC Garden renovations celebrate history

Elon’s National Pan-Hellenic Council Garden will reveal renovations in a celebration this Sunday, April 18. The garden, located by the Janice Ratliff Building, is dedicated to the historically Black fraternities and sororities on Elon’s campus. Elon’s NPHC Garden was first unveiled in September 2005, and was inspired by traditional plots at historically Black colleges and universities.

LIFESTYLE 3/28/21 12:45pm

Her Campus Elon chapter relaunches with new leadership

In May 2019, the Elon University chapter of the online magazine Her Campus stopped posting, anticipating its leadership studying abroad the next fall. In March 2020, the unanticipated coronavirus pandemic lengthened the hiatus into what appeared to be a permanent shutdown. Now, after going down almost two years ago, Her Campus has relaunched at Elon. 

NEWS 11/9/20 10:37am

COVID-19 affects early decision applications for incoming students

Elon University offers all three of these options and on average, 393 students apply early decision per year. This year, however, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a wrench into the college application process. As the pandemic has impacted the economy and workforce, many students have had to reevaluate their college choice.

NEWS 11/3/20 2:12pm

East Haggard Avenue to be closed on election night

East Haggard Avenue will be closed on election night until Nov. 5 for an art project that will take place on the road. Elon University applied for a special events request for the closure of the road. This request was approved the day before the road was expected to close.

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