Alamance Community College named the Alamance-Burlington School System as its 2022 Organization of the Year, citing “the outstanding support the system has consistently provided to ACC students and graduates.” 

According to the Jan. 5 release, ABSS has worked with ACC to increase educational opportunities for students from kindergarten through 12th grade. 

“These collaborations and joint efforts have provided a pipeline between ABSS and ACC that contributes to the broader economic and educational advancement in Alamance County,” the release said. 

The ACC Foundation has a nomination process for the annual award. Criteria include the “number and quality of volunteers provided to ACC by the business or organization; opportunities provided by the business or organization for current ACC students; number of ACC graduates hired by the business or organization annually; resources provided to Alamance Community College by the business or organization annually.”

ABSS Superintendent Dain Butler said in the release the school system is grateful for the partnership. 

“Hundreds of our high school students are currently taking advantage of the various ACC programs including the Pre-Collegiate Academy, Early College, and Career Technical Pathways. These opportunities position students for success far beyond high school,” Butler said. “I applaud ACC for having the mindset to serve students where they are in their lives, removing the often familiar obstacles that may impede a student’s educational goals, and providing them the support services to help them excel beyond just academics.”

ABSS joins a list of annual awardees, which includes Elon University, recognized in 2020