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NEWS 12/2/15 5:00pm

​Rankings, realities and varied experiences

Before Elon University students broke for Thanksgiving, they received an email from President Leo Lambert condemning several reports of homophobic slurs directed at members of the community. “It is understandable that this type of incident makes members of the LGBTQIA communities feel unsafe and unwelcome,” Lambert wrote in the email, “despite the good work of hundreds of people to support and value Elon’s LGBTQIA students and colleagues.” According to Leigh-Anne Royster, director of inclusive community well-being at Elon, the slurs Lambert referred to were directed at Elon students, and authorities have not been able to identify all perpetrators. All reported incidents were investigated by the police when possible and responded to through the Student Life Emergency Response system and/or the ongoing Bias and Harassment Response system.

NEWS 11/2/15 2:58pm

Inclusive Elon: Delving deeper into LGBTQIA campus culture

Open, mark as unread, send to spam folder. Elon University staff member Matthew Antonio Bosch spent the morning of August 27, 2015 as he would any other — checking his email. But as he opened one email in particular, he got a lump in his throat and re-read the email over and over again in a state of shock. Elon had been named one of the top 25 LGBTQ-friendly college and universities in the country by Campus Pride Index.

NEWS 7/27/15 9:41am

Seven songs to get you through this week (7/27)

Because, honestly, we need all the help we can get. (MONDAY) There are few things harder than waking up and heading to work Monday morning, but this Major Lazer banger will give you all the energy you need to get your day started. [embed][/embed] (TUESDAY) Keep that beginning-of-the-week energy up with this trippy tune from Joywave and KOPPS. [embed][/embed] (WEDNESDAY) Two things.

NEWS 7/26/15 11:56am

Kelly Clarkson does yet another cover (yawn)

Kelly Clarkson recently covered Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” at a concert in Toronto, and though most of the Internet is freaking out over it, we’re not. This is the third song Kelly has covered in the last week (first came Nick Jonas’ “Jealous,” then N Sync’s “Bye Bye Bye”), and while we appreciated Kelly’s surprising cover choices, this has officially gotten old. Hey, Kelly, we get it. You’re great at covers.

NEWS 7/25/15 11:49am

Girl gangs = health benefits

Taylor Swift might be onto something more than simply instilling envy in the hearts of any human who looks upon her and her near-perfect girl gang and inspiring what many people have come to call “#squadgoals.” According to a recent study, not having a close group of friends in your 20s and 30s can actually be worse for you than drinking excessively or suffering from obesity.

NEWS 7/22/15 9:03pm

Taylor Swift to launch her own clothing line

Taylor Swift once built an empire on simple guitar riffs and relatable love song lyrics. She then transformed this empire into one of catchy dance-pop beats, celebrity feuds and one badass, model-filled girl gang. The logical next step?

NEWS 7/19/15 4:59pm

Week in review: 7/13-7/19

All the news you need to know from last week: Louis Tomlinson is going to be a dad — well, allegedly. The One Direction member has yet to personally confirm the news, but sources close to the star have said he will be having a child with stylist Briana Jungwirth.

NEWS 7/13/15 4:01pm

Seven songs to get you through this week (7/13)

Because honestly, we need all the help we can get. (Note: We thought there would be no better way to celebrate Years & Years' new album Communion than to do an entirely Communion-themed "Seven songs." Enjoy.) (MONDAY) Ease into your week with "Real," the second track off Years & Years' new album Communion. It's fast-paced enough to get your week going, but the intro builds gradually enough that you won't feel terrified when you wake up Monday morning. [embed][/embed] (TUESDAY) "Ties" is exactly the tune your Tuesday needs.

NEWS 6/26/15 5:39pm

Beyonce and Jay-Z are no longer entertainment’s highest-earning couple

Super couple Beyonce and Jay-Z have been entertainment’s most powerful duo for quite some time. With a combined net worth of more than $1 billion and seemingly endless successful musical ventures, the Carters have topped Forbes highest earnest celebrity couples list for the past few years. But it looks like everyone’s favorite power couple needs to step aside — or “watch the throne,” if you will — because Taylor Swift and new beau Calvin Harris are coming to claim the title as their own. Swift and Harris make a combined $146 million each year, compared to Bey and Jay’s $110.5 million.

NEWS 6/26/15 5:39pm

The 'Bad Blood' video without music is, well, bad

Everyone's favorite music video just got a very awkward twist. Someone stripped the music from Taylor Swift's epic, celeb-filled "Bad Blood" video, and what's left is a bizarre collection of sighs and weapons clanking. But somehow, we don't hate it. There's something kind of charming about hearing Gigi Hadid whisper "bad blood" as the dog sitting beside her lets out a ferocious bark.

NEWS 6/24/15 5:41pm

These teens just revolutionized the condom

Having safe sex just got a little bit easier — and a lot more colorful. A group of pretty badass 13- and 14-year-olds just developed the “S.T.Eye,” a condom that changes colors if it detects a sexually transmitted infection.

NEWS 6/23/15 5:46pm

Teen wears prom dress with a cause

Forget the poofy ball gowns and embellished satin dresses, our vote for best-dressed at a Canadian prom goes to Erinne Paisley, a girl who used her homemade dress to make a major statement. Paisley crafted a cocktail dress from recycled math assignments and wrote “I’ve received my education.

NEWS 6/18/15 5:46pm

Taylor Swift wears a harness to lunch

Wearing harnesses in public has never really been a thing, but it might be now. Though she’s normally known for her crop tops and classic silhouettes, Taylor Swift stepped out to lunch with BFF Selena Gomez in a band tee, short shorts, and—wait for it—a harness. That’s right, the “Bad Blood” singer added extra edge to her already kind of edgy look by throwing on a slate gray, leather harness. Swift played it off as a joke, saying, “I think you’re ignoring a really important point here… That my harness and I are always ready for a zip line/rock climbing.

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