Chrissy Tiegen turned a topless photo of herself into art — in three different media, might we add — and the reason why may surprise you.

The model uploaded a topless photo of herself from a recent shoot withW Magazine to Instagram on Monday, only to find it was taken down almost immediately. Tiegen then took it upon herself to challenge the site’s absurd, gender-biased nudity restrictions by altering the photo so it could potentially fit into their guidelines.

Tiegen ended up posting three differently filtered versions of the photo — one made to look like an oil painting, one like a graphite sketch, and one like a colored pencil sketch — in an attempt to critique the site’s regulation that “Nudity in photos of paintings and sculptures is OK.”

Unfortunately, it seems Instagram is not as accepting of “paintings” of photos as it is of photos of paintings, and Tiegen’s photos were taken down without a word from the site.

This exchange made Tiegen the latest in a string of celebrities fighting to #PushTheNipple and take down Instagram’s weirdly specific, sexist nudity regulations. Miley Cyrus has posted several photos defying the site’s regulations, and Chelsea Handler juxtaposed a topless photo of herself on a horse with a nearly identical one of Vladimir Putin — drawing attention to the gender bias involved in Instagram’s limitations.