Taylor Swift once built an empire on simple guitar riffs and relatable love song lyrics. She then transformed this empire into one of catchy dance-pop beats, celebrity feuds and one badass, model-filled girl gang. The logical next step? Expand the empire to include a clothing line as well.

Right now, the details are limited, but we know Taylor has signed a clothing line deal with Chinese online retailer JD.com, and her line will include dresses, sweatshirts and tops. The line will be released later this summer during the Shanghai portion of her “1989” concert tour.

We’re not surprised to see Tay, who has begun straying from her classic red lip + crop top formula to make edgier choices like wearing a harness (we repeat, a harness?) to lunch, delve into the fashion industry — especially considering at least half her renowned “girl gang” is filled with models. But we are interested to see what clothes she puts in her line. Will they resemble her former vintage-inspired classic look, or will they fall under an edgier category, inspired by her fashion-forward model friends?

For now, all we can do is guess, but we’re thinking the line will be loaded with excellent clothing.