Forget the poofy ball gowns and embellished satin dresses, our vote for best-dressed at a Canadian prom goes to Erinne Paisley, a girl who used her homemade dress to make a major statement.

Paisley crafted a cocktail dress from recycled math assignments and wrote “I’ve received my education. Not every woman has that” across it in red marker.

“As I was getting ready to celebrate the end of my own secondary education… I wondered if I could take some of that energy and excitement and attention that goes to secondary graduation or prom and maybe refocus it into something that could provide that same opportunity for people who [can’t attend school],” the teen told theHuffington Post.

And she followed up her bold ensemble by donating the $250 she didn’t spend on a prom dress to the Malala fund, which raises money and awareness for girls education in Pakistan.