TV tells us every middle school girl’s worst nightmare is getting her period on a day she’s wearing white jeans. Classmates laugh, throwing tampons at the poor, puberty-inflicted girl and making fun of the red spot now staining her formerly pristine clothing.

But what if TV didn’t tell us this? What if, instead, we were taught from a young age that period blood was nothing to be ashamed of? (Because, honestly, there’s nothing wrong with it.)

A Middle Eastern artist set out to find out. Saint Hoax, an artist known for blending pop culture and sociocultural awareness, reimagined everyone’s favorite Disney princesses by painting period blood stains on their beautiful dresses.

“Disney princesses are perceived as perfect females. Portraying them with period stains implies that could happen to any female, and it’s a natural process,” Saint Hoax told Mashable.

So next time you find yourself in what some would call an “embarrassing” period leak situation, just think of how badass these princesses are, regardless of the stains on their clothing. We hope you’ll feel a little more at ease with the natural processes of your body.