Wearing harnesses in public has never really been a thing, but it might be now.

Though she’s normally known for her crop tops and classic silhouettes, Taylor Swift stepped out to lunch with BFF Selena Gomez in a band tee, short shorts, and—wait for it—a harness.

That’s right, the “Bad Blood” singer added extra edge to her already kind of edgy look by throwing on a slate gray, leather harness.

Swift played it off as a joke, saying, “I think you’re ignoring a really important point here… That my harness and I are always ready for a zip line/rock climbing. Ask yourself… Are you ready for extreme adventure should it present itself? HARNESS LIFE 2015.” But we commend the star for her bold choice.

Who says you can’t wear a harness (and wear it backwards, might we add) if you so desire?