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NEWS 11/25/14 12:33am

Battling Depression on a college campus

An American College Health Association, National College Health Assessment in 2011 study found that 30 percent of college students surveyed said they were "so depressed that it was difficult to function at some time in the past year." If that number applies to Elon, that could be roughly 1,500 students. Some students might catch themselves saying "I'm depressed" and not really understanding the seriousness of that statement.

NEWS 9/3/14 12:06am

Elon student starts business of polishing professional profiles

Elon sets a precedent on the importance of networking through social media. Elon sophomore Sophie Pearson and her cousin Nathalie Ford have made a business designed to help students improve their professional presence on social media sites. "She's more of the technical brained computer nerd and I am more of the creative social media wizard type of person, and we come together and make the perfect team," Pearson said. Pearson and cousin Nathalie Ford started a new business this summer called LinkedIn Experts. "Our services right now are brush ups and touch ups, like if you just want us to take a look at it and see what we can help you fix or improve on your profile, we can help make the whole thing," Pearson said. They have been working on their business plan for about three months and hope to start getting the word out in the next week.

NEWS 7/27/14 10:38pm

Dr. Danieley Celebrates 90 Years

Dr. Earl Danieley, Elon's sixth president, celebrated the big 9-0 today with many of the university's faculty, staff and students at the Elon Community Church. "It feels wonderful to be 90.

NEWS 11/19/13 12:31am

The Chicken Lady takes on homelessness

Greensboro hosted its first annual Chicken Walk this Saturday. Amy Murphy organized the event, and says that working with people without homes is nearest to her heart. "They are my friends.

NEWS 10/22/13 10:15pm

Piercing for a Cause

Elizabeth Jinx is a piercer at Inferno Ink Tattoo. "I have 155 of them, and I can tell you the meaning of each one," Jinx said. Each of Jinx's tattoos mean something to her.

NEWS 9/13/13 3:29pm

Alaskan Student Adjusts to Life at Elon

"I've lived there since I was four, so about 14 years. I lived in Washington for about a year, but I was born in the Philippines," Elon freshman Marella Gungbob said. Marella Gungob is a

NEWS 8/27/13 9:27pm

Elon Businesses Closing

"We didn't have enough local business to stay open," Chris Russell owner of Town Table and College Street Taphouse, said. Both businesses closed their doors over the summer for economic reasons, even though they were hotspots just outside of Elon's campus. Though it wasn't the summer that closed the restaurant and bar, it did not help Russell.

NEWS 4/22/13 4:56pm

Campus Parking Changes

Parking lots all around campus are reducing the size of their lots. Moseley will be reducing the current size of 287 to about 50 spaces.

NEWS 4/17/13 1:27pm

Pride Week

"I am gay and I am very okay with that," said Diego Fernandes, a first-year exchange student from Brazil. Others have expressed that they are excited for Pride week to start this week, but Fernandes is not as enthusiastic. "I don't feel the necessity to be celebrating the fact that I am gay for some reason because it is so natural for me." Instead of large, public celebration Fernandes says understanding is the first step to accepting someone who is gay.

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