Elon sets a precedent on the importance of networking through social media. Elon sophomore Sophie Pearson and her cousin Nathalie Ford have made a business designed to help students improve their professional presence on social media sites.

"She's more of the technical brained computer nerd and I am more of the creative social media wizard type of person, and we come together and make the perfect team," Pearson said.

Pearson and cousin Nathalie Ford started a new business this summer called LinkedIn Experts.

"Our services right now are brush ups and touch ups, like if you just want us to take a look at it and see what we can help you fix or improve on your profile, we can help make the whole thing," Pearson said.

They have been working on their business plan for about three months and hope to start getting the word out in the next week. The idea started when they were together in New York and went to a conference with other start-up businesses. However, Pearson explained that their company is not open for business yet.

"It is still in the works, right now we have been practicing making awesome profiles and been doing research. What makes an awesome headline, what goes into a great summary," she said.

Pearson said it is important to know what to put on a LinkedIn account.

"If you have 20 connections and the basic I am a student at blah blah blah university and I volunteer at elementary schools in high school, and that is your entire profile, that is so lame. You do not want to hire someone who is lame on every social media site when we are college students. We should be pros at social media," Pearson said.

To make a new profile can cost you $200, which includes consultations with professionals, business coaches, photographers and other advisors. A consultation can range from $35-$50 dollars. Pearson said that by having these consultations and meeting with professionals can really set your profile apart from your peers,

"If you are lame, you are not going to be hired. You need to have that competitive edge over some other people who are also going after the same jobs and internships," she said.

Pearson said that the most important aspect of a student's Linkedin profile is their summary.

"The summary tells your story. If they are looking at your profile they want to know who you are and what you have done in the past and why they want you as a connections," she said.

Pearson lent advice for students looking to create Linkedin profiles.

"Make it engaging, make it professional, no facebook selfies in your car as your profile picture, and make it awesome, make it you, don't have the standard basic profile, make it you."