The Greensboro Science Center is home to penguins, stingrays, sharks and many other animals. But recently, there have been some new additions. Theodore, Quincy, Eleanor, Molly and Abigail are the new baby otters that were born at the science center a few months ago; Natalie Johnson helps take care of them.

Naming the otters was not an easy task, so employees at the science center turned to social media for name inspiration. They set up a Facebook competition where visitors had the ability to vote for different names.

"They were born on Veterans Day so we picked patriotic names but our visitors picked the names," Johnson said.

They wanted the experience to be interactive like so many other parts of the museum. At the science center, visitors may pet sting rays and even put their heads into the otter play area.

Shania McIntyre, 6, has been to the Greensboro Science Center many times and loves to visit.

"I was running to the stingrays because I was happy to see them because they are soft and in water and I like water," McIntyre said.

Getting to pet the stingrays is one of many interactive exhibits, But you don't need to be a little kid to enjoy what the Greensboro Science Center has to offer.

"Obviously a lot of mothers bring their kids during the week I see but we have a lot of field trips but there are a lot of older kids too, It's a good mix." Johnson said.

Admission is $12.50 per day, which includes admission to the zoo, sciquarium, and an interactive science center.