Parking lots all around campus are reducing the size of their lots. Moseley will be reducing the current size of 287 to about 50 spaces. The Harper lot will go from 100 to 70 spaces.

In addition to all the spots being taken away, there are a lot of new spots being added. 237 new spots will be added in the Global Neighborhood in fall 2013, and 197 new spots will be on the old softball field across from East Gym. Also, there will be 250 new spots on South Campus, and 200 spots added to the Francis Center Lots.

Here are some of the changes that are being made for parking for dorms.

. Historic Neighborhood residents will park in the new lot on the old softball field.

. Commuter students will park in East Gym and Koury Business/Colonnades, Hunt Softball, and Danieley Center lots.

. All Loy Center will park in McMichael lot.

. Global Neighborhood will park in Harper parking lot and Hunt Softball parking lot.

. Moseley lot will be Visitor, Zip Car, Short Term Student, and Faculty/Staff, High School, and Graduate students.

. Additional 20 minute student spaces in Moseley lot.

. Students taking classes in Elon West will be given permits to park there for the semester.

. Graduate students and high school students taking courses on campus, will be allowed to park in Kerr lot, on Lebanon along the railroad, in the McMichael lot, in the Koury Business/Colonnades lot, and the Oaks lot.

. South Campus parking will be for faculty/staff overflow.

. Fines for parking in fire lanes and handicapped spaces will increase from $50 to $100.

In addition to all of the above changes, the BioBus loop hours will change. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday will change from 4:00pm-midnight to 4:00pm-10:00pm. On Friday and Saturday it will change from 4:00pm-midnight to noon-midnight. Lastly, the west loop will no longer go from Trollinger Street House to Academic Village and work in a loop, but will become a line that stops twice to cute the ride from 18 to nine minutes.