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NEWS 11/13/13 12:03am

Elon Veterans reflect on their time in the military

In celebration of Veterans Day, members of the Elon community reflect on their time in the military. "I think I had a feeling that I needed to serve," Director of Physical Plant, Robert Buchholz said. Buchholz joined the military following his brother and father.

NEWS 9/1/13 8:28pm

Elon freshman reflects on life after Katrina

Elon freshmen started this school year just like many freshmen across the country. But not too long ago, for one Elon student, what should have been a normal start to fifth grade was interrupted in a big way - by Hurricane Katrina. "We thought the hurricane would just pass, no big deal," freshman student Angelique McKenna said.

NEWS 11/6/12 1:31am

First time voters find their own voice this election

In this year's election, both Obama and Romney are battling hard to capture the youth vote, and for many of those in that demographic, this election will be their first time casting ballots. Freshman Ingrid Frahm is one of those first-time voters and said that this experience has been educational and sometimes frustrating. "I kind of get overwhelmed and give up sometimes," Frahm said.

NEWS 10/30/12 5:41pm

Hand-made costumes save big bucks on Halloween

There's no mistaking that Halloween has come to Elon. But with the current economy and a college student's budget, it's hard to find a great costume for a reasonable price, and costumes at specialty shops like Party City and even chains like Target can cost anywhere from $30-$70. [div class="alignleft"] [/div] But getting creative and making a costume can save money, and that's where your local craft store, like Alamance Crossing's Hobby Lobby may come in handy. Watch the video above to get tips on how to haul in the savings this Halloween.

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