When Elon students hear the word "tradition," images of convocation, luminaries and commencement might come to mind. But one of the most beloved traditions happens every week, bringing faculty and students to Phi Beta Kappa Commons for coffee and fellowship.

The gatherings, now known as College Coffee, were started by former President Fred Young almost 20 years ago in the 1980s and to this day, it's a time for students, professors, even coaches to socialize, or rally together all in one spot.

"My favorite tradition is college coffee," said Sophomore Matt Crehan. "Everyone comes out. It's a great event to just see the student body."

Even Presidents Leo Lambert and Earl Danieley make an appearance at the weekly event.

"It's really I think one of the cornerstones of our community at Elon and something I truly love," Lambert said.

And students said the free food - including bagels, doughnuts and muffins - doesn't hurt either.

But even though the scenery for College Coffee might have changed over time - from Fonville Fountain to the Academic Village commons - one thing that hasn't changed is the excitement people feel for the weekly tradition.

"I love, love - not like - love College Coffee," said Freshman Natalie Betts.

It's an excitement that Faculty member Deandra Little says makes Elon special.

"It says a lot about Elon as a community and the commitment to the community," she said.

But whether it's because of the food or the fellowship, College Coffee is one tradition that continues to bring people together so they can take a break from the weekly grind.