OPINIONS 3/10/19 9:00am

Campus Voice: Jonas Brothers comeback

"S.O.S.," "Lovebug," "Year 3000," "Play My Music" and "Burnin’ Up" — the Jonas Brothers were a part of our childhood. For years, they graced their beautiful music in our souls only to break up too early and disappear. Until we saw a glimpse of light clad in prints, psychedelics and pastels. On Feb. 28 — for the first time in five years — the Jonas Brothers announced a reunion.

OPINIONS 12/5/18 4:19pm

CAMPUS VOICES: Thoughts on the SGA proposed budget

The current budget process that SGA uses is from 1999, making it older than many of the students on Elon’s campus. It is time for a change and SGA has been working on one for this upcoming academic year. The potential changes were discussed at a town hall on Thursday, Nov. 29 in downstairs Moseley and the new policy will come to vote at the SGA meeting on Thursday. Dec. 6.

OPINIONS 12/2/18 8:00am

BENSON: Stay motivated in the year of women

Try not to get bogged down by the micro-invalidations of the people you find yourself with at a holiday party. Try to tell yourself that maybe they grew up in a different time where female independence wasn’t celebrated, or if it was, that they didn’t have the courage to grab it by the horns.

OPINIONS 11/29/18 8:00am

BECK: The daily grind will pay off

Finals season is right around the corner, and everyone will be hiding out in the library to work toward that. The hard work will definitely pay off. Don’t be discouraged if one day in the library doesn’t make you an expert on statistics. Like anything, the A comes with time and effort. It’s not worth beating yourself up.

OPINIONS 11/28/18 9:19pm

Campus Voice: Uniting as faculty for the best interests of our students and community

As non-tenure track professors, ranging from adjunct instructors to lecturers and continuing track faculty, we are proud to be part of Elon. Despite successes, Elon faces similar challenges as our peer institutions regarding employment of non-tenure track faculty. In the past, non-tenure track positions were the minority among college instructors. 


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