In today’s world, and especially on college campuses, the desire to belong, to be understood and to be a part of something is paramount. ROTC is so important at Elon University because it is another branch on the tree of inclusivity. 

ROTC gives students the chance to stand up for what they believe in, train with a purpose and serve both their community and country. 

Kimberly Stapleton

ROTC is a U.S. military training program on college campuses with the goal of educating students who will become commissioned officers in the military. 

Elon currently offers an ROTC program in conjunction with North Carolina A&T State University that includes the Army and Air Force. 

For students who are torn between joining the military or attending school, ROTC offers the opportunity to do both. By nature of the program, ROTC gives students life skills, such as adaptability, time management, discipline, resilience, accountability and the ability to overcome obstacles.

"ROTC gives students the chance to stand up for what they believe in, train with a purpose and serve both their community and country."

Kimberly Stapleton

Assistant Director of Financial Aid

 ROTC not only provides those skills, but it provides a sense of kinship and camaraderie. The togetherness fostered through this program can bring lifelong friends and experiences that not only shape students for the military and a career but shape them as people as well.

Students also receive fitness maintenance, professional development and team-driven experiences. There are scholarship opportunities open to ROTC members as well. Students are taught by experienced military personnel who are able to answer questions about the military, lifestyle, jobs, etc. The knowledge and training students gain is designed to prepare them for the rigorous nature of the military. 

ROTC is a jump start for a career after college. Some jobs in the military require a ranking of officer in order to be eligible, so depending on what their career goals are, students are off to a great start with ROTC. Through ROTC, students can start a military career in healthcare, engineering, finance, aviation, law enforcement and transportation, just to name a few. Since each of the armed forces has some type of ROTC program, students can choose the service and career path that is right for them. Elon University offers ROTC for the Air Force and Army branches.

ROTC requires its members to make a commitment to the military upon graduation. Through the ROTC program, students enter the military as commissioned officers earning approximately $40,000 a year. Other benefits include paid vacation, paid time off for holidays, access to medical and life insurance, paid sick leave and tuition assistance, among other things.

Through ROTC, students gain knowledge and experience in leadership and learn firsthand how to motivate a team and conduct missions all while earning a college degree. ROTC provides leadership development, military skills and career training through a combination of classroom and field training beyond the normal academic work required for a college degree. Elon’s support of the ROTC program is another way of saying, “We need you.”