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NEWS 9/12/18 4:59pm

Risks for potential flooding on campus

The North Carolina floodplain mapping project shows that Elon has a zero point 2 percent (0.2%) chance of annual flooding, but with the storm coming, the National Hurricane Center shows there's a 5-10% risk of flash flooding in our area. 

NEWS 8/29/18 7:19pm

Downtown businesses are booming again

After a slow summer, business owners in downtown Elon are breathing a sigh of relief that the students are back. Oak House owner Phil Smith said the coffee shop will make more money this week than in the entire month of July. 

NEWS 3/13/18 8:19pm

Catholicism at Elon continues to grow

According to the 2018 Spring Registrar’s Report, Keller is one of 1786 Catholic students on campus — making it the largest Christian denomination at Elon. Catholicism has been the largest religion denomination on campus since at least Spring 2007 — which is the oldest Registrar's Report on Elon's website. 

NEWS 3/7/18 4:37pm

Cashing in on phoenix cash

The specific contracts vary by business, but every year, there is an administrative fee of around $100 to $150 to use the phoenix card system. After that, Elon takes anywhere from 2% to 5% of sales. 

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