The North Carolina floodplain mapping project shows that Elon has a zero point 2 percent (0.2%) chance of annual flooding, but with the storm coming, the National Hurricane Center shows there's a 5-10% risk of flash flooding in our area. 

If any building on campus were to flood, Flood says it would be from water leaking underneath the doors. 

When there were heavy rains on campus this summer, Grey Pavilion, Numen Lumen Pavilion, Global B, Loy Center C, and the University Advancement buildings all had water leak into them. 

Flood said it happened because storm drains near the buildings got clogged, and caused water nearby to rise and seep through the cracks. 

Physical plant has since upgraded the storm drains. Flood said they've placed sandbags near all of those buildings and have crews on call 24/7 to move them into place and block the doors if the water starts to rise near any building. 

Taking a look at the floodplain maps for the town, the blue areas have a greater annual risk of flooding.  Water is more likely to pile up in the creek behind the Danieley center, in the intramural fields., and in a creek that runs in the backyards of houses on the road behind Mill Point.