Bryan Anderson

Bryan Anderson, from Burlingame, California, is the Enterprise Manager for Elon News Network. He has declared a double major in Journalism and Media Analytics with minors in Leadership Studies and Political Science. In his spare time, he enjoys playing board games, sending out newsletters, and cheering on the Oakland Athletics and San Jose Sharks.

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Committee announces details of hiring process for new president

2/14/17 10:49am

At a special college coffee Tuesday, Wes Elingburg P'11, Board of Trustees member and Chair of the search committee, spoke about the hiring process for a new president of the university. President Leo Lambert, who's served at Elon for 18 years, announced Monday he plans to step down. According to Elingburg, the committee will host meetings and forums on campus beginning in mid-March to get input from the community.

Lambert reflects on Danieley’s legacy

11/30/16 2:28pm

"He lived a vibrant, vibrant life right up until the very end," Lambert said. For Lambert, Danieley was much more than a colleague. He was a mentor and a dear friend. "To have somebody who has had that experience and be your very good friend and adviser over 18 years just has meant so much to me," Lambert said. "I can’t even begin to form the words to tell you how much I’m gonna miss him."

ANDERSON: When hate trumped love

11/13/16 1:09pm

It was early Thursday morning when I got a news tip about a hateful note written on whiteboard saying “Bye Bye Latinos Hasta La Vista.” Looking through Facebook posts of the image, I sourced the time and location of the message to Tony Crider’s 8 a.m. Global Experience course in Kivette Hall Room 100.

Elon students devastated by Trump victory

11/9/16 8:28pm

He wasn’t expected to run for president, win the primaries or even secure his party’s nomination. Today, Republican Donald Trump finds himself elected as the 45th President of the United States.

2016 Election Day Guide: Voting, Watch Parties and Predictions

11/8/16 7:00am

After an arduous year and a half of campaigning and a divisive presidential race, Election Day is finally here. This guide provides information you need to know about polling place locations, Elon University events and online resources for tracking results and making predictions.

News Analysis: Education brushed aside in 2016 election

11/2/16 8:00am

While Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump offers minimal detail on his ideas about college affordability and debt, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is quite specific on what she would do to assist college students. Still, both candidates are vague about how they would fund their plans. I interviewed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on July 25 and asked him what he would do as president to address concerns of college students.

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