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NEWS 2/25/13 11:41am

85th Annual Academy Awards balance humor, sophistication

There's just something about the Oscars. Once a year, there is a three-hour-long snapshot in time -- okay, three and a half, though I can't even be mad about host Seth MacFarlane's 17-minute opening this year -- during which the moviegoing public unites for one cause: critiquing films they most likely haven't even seen yet.

NEWS 9/13/12 4:31pm

9/11 anniversary incites interfaith dialogue

The 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States continues to influence campus discussions and prompt Elon University to promote an atmosphere of peace and tolerance. In order to advance student discussion, the Truitt Center for Religious and Spiritual Life held “Interact With Respect: 9/11 Dialogue” on the 11th anniversary of the attacks.

NEWS 9/7/12 6:29pm

We the Kings, Chris Webby to perform at Homecoming concert

Elon University's annual Homecoming concert will feature We the Kings and Chris Webby this year, according to a press release from the Student Government Association. Members of the Student Union Board and SGA have collaborated to bring the Florida-based punk band and Connecticut-based rapper to campus during Homecoming weekend.

NEWS 7/10/12 12:45am

Performing arts alumnus ponders life after graduation

Recent Elon University graduate Matt Meigs ‘12 just closed the book on a whirlwind four years. As a music theater major, Meigs used his built-in support system in Elon’s Department of Performing Arts to thrive onstage, culminating in a principal role as Claude Hooper Bukowski in the Fall 2011 production of “Hair: The American Tribal Love Rock Musical.” The Pendulum spoke with Meigs about his time at Elon and how he will use lessons from college in the real world. Q: Where are you living in your post-grad life? A: I'm originally from Huntsville, Ala.

NEWS 5/5/12 7:54pm

4 Life Lessons We Learned from Walt Disney

Here’s a social experiment. Next time you’re in your dorm with suitemates, or taking a road trip with friends, grab your iPod and play “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.” As Donny Osmond’s silky-smooth voice filters through the speakers, take note of how many people can recite the song without missing a single lyric (some may even add animated gestures while they sing). As long as you’re singing with fellow college students, I’m willing to bet at least half of your group will complete the song seamlessly. Disney movies like “Mulan,” which graced us with the song in question, have been a cornerstone of our lives since we were old enough to walk.

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