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NEWS 3/13/18 8:19pm

Catholicism at Elon continues to grow

According to the 2018 Spring Registrar’s Report, Keller is one of 1786 Catholic students on campus — making it the largest Christian denomination at Elon. Catholicism has been the largest religion denomination on campus since at least Spring 2007 — which is the oldest Registrar's Report on Elon's website. 

NEWS 1/10/18 11:00am

Rising grades, rising concerns?

According to data collected by Rojstaczer, at Elon University, the average GPA in 1977 was 2.48. The most recent figure that Rojsctaczer acquired was 3.29 in 2013. Higher grades and GPAs do not automatically equal grade inflation, but if the current trend continues, Elon is projected to hit an average GPA of 4.0 by 2037.

NEWS 11/14/17 6:32pm

Suicide prevention QPR program promoted through Elon

Suicide is the second most common cause of death among college students, according to the American Psychological Association. An online suicide-prevention training that launched in March 2017 is available to members of Elon University, but according to Anita Smith, assistant director of counseling services, it doesn’t replace mental health experts.

NEWS 10/4/17 7:00am

McEwen dining hall renovations on schedule

Construction fences surround McEwen Dining Hall, but renovations have not begun yet. Brad Moore, the Elon university architect and director of planning, design and construction management, said constructions are still on schedule. 

NEWS 5/2/17 2:00pm

Racism prompts Elon professor to return to Canada

Robin Attas, assistant professor of music, will be leaving Elon University and moving back to Canada with her husband, Nicolás Soza, and their two children. Sozq said he has been enduring acts of racism ever since the couple moved to North Carolina in 2013.

NEWS 4/18/17 7:18pm

Global Neighborhood examines its roots, considers future

The Global Neighborhood at Elon University has a dual personality to most students. Initially, freshmen are excited about the neighborhood and its traditions, but upperclassmen seem to forget about them, according to most students. Now in its third full year as a residential neighborhood, the community is wrestling with its identity as an inclusive space and with declining participation at some of its major events.

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