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NEWS 3/9/14 5:26pm

Little Free Libraries open up in Alamance County

Medora Burke-Scoll brings her daughter Zelda to the Holt Street Park in Mebane every weekend. Zelda is growing fast, and she is improving one particular talent: reading. "She reads hours a day," Burke-Scoll said. They normally go to the library, but today Zelda and her mom are trying something new.

NEWS 1/23/14 1:30pm

Elon remembers former staff member Lexie Kamerman

"She was a person who had a dream...and she followed it. And for a lot of us that was really hard to do." - Sarah Paterson, Elon junior and former East Area R.A. Lexie Kamerman devoted her life to students like Sarah Patterson.

NEWS 1/18/14 7:06pm

Former Elon staff member killed while working in Afghanistan

Former Assistant Director of Residence Life for the East Residence Area, Alexis Kamerman, known as Lexi, was killed Friday evening during an attack on a restaurant in Kabul, Afghanistan, according to an email from Smith Jackson Saturday evening. Kamerman, a 27-year-old Chicago native, was working in residence life at the American University of Afghanistan. Her family released this statement to the Chicago Tribune via an email from her aunt, Julie Pfeffer: "She was an amazing young woman -smart, strong, beautiful, funny, stubborn and kind.

NEWS 10/22/13 10:43pm

Raw Chicken Served in Lakeside Dining Hall

Complaints about Elon's dining services continue; the most recent one at Lakeside Dining Hall. "It was so gross." Jessica Trinidad cut into an unexpected dinner last week at Lakeside Dining Hall. "They gave it to me and when I was cutting into it, it was completely raw on the inside," Trinidad said. An Aramark worker served her raw chicken and when Trinidad brought it back, she was even more surprised by the response. "She responded with she already knew," Trinidad said.

NEWS 10/2/13 12:15pm

Burlington Police Department improves city safety, one push-up at a time

You won't find Burlington police officers eating donuts. Especially when, in two years, they will have to pass a mandatory fitness test to keep their jobs. "We're gonna make sure that police officers are professional not only in their investigations but also professional when it comes to having to use their bodies to do their jobs," the department's training officer Graham Sappington said. BPD offers a gym facility in house, a free membership to the YMCA, a nutrition guide and peer mentor opportunities to improve health and fitness. To pass the test, officers have to run 200 yards, run through a fifty pound door, do 40 push-ups and 40 sit-ups, drag two people from cars to safety and remember street names throughout the test. Officer Sappington says right now, not everyone on the force can pass the test, but in two years when the test is mandatory, they will be. [div class="aligncenter"][/div]

NEWS 10/2/13 1:08am

Future expansion of Downtown Elon possible

This week town leaders had three meetings with Elon residents to discuss bringing some changes to the downtown area. Town leaders asked residents how they would feel about expanding downtown, southwest of Campus Technology and Local Yogurt. Members of the Board of Aldermen and others met with local business owners and property owners asking how they would change downtown Elon. In order to make any changes the town would have to buy and level student houses, town houses, and anything else sitting on the eight blocks of land they want to add to downtown Elon. The groups discussed possibly adding shops, restaurants and even a pharmacy.

NEWS 10/24/12 11:04pm

Chick-fil-A reactions ripple outside campus

What should have been a quiet morning at the Admissions office over fall break turned into a phone frenzy. Greg Zaiser, the Vice President of Admissions heard from many people who were upset by the national headlines about Chick-fil-A on Elon's campus last week. "It was not received well," Zaiser said.

NEWS 9/5/12 10:54am

DNC Women's Caucus meets in Charlotte

Nicole Chadwick visited the Democratic Women's Caucus and learned why their vote is so important in this election. [div class="alignleft"] [/div] Speakers include former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and President of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards.

NEWS 9/3/12 11:24pm

DNC: Young Delegates

Nicole Chadwick caught up with one of the youngest delegates at the DNC: 22-year-old David de la Fuente. [div class="alignleft"] [/div]

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