You won't find Burlington police officers eating donuts. Especially when, in two years, they will have to pass a mandatory fitness test to keep their jobs.

"We're gonna make sure that police officers are professional not only in their investigations but also professional when it comes to having to use their bodies to do their jobs," the department's training officer Graham Sappington said.

BPD offers a gym facility in house, a free membership to the YMCA, a nutrition guide and peer mentor opportunities to improve health and fitness.

To pass the test, officers have to run 200 yards, run through a fifty pound door, do 40 push-ups and 40 sit-ups, drag two people from cars to safety and remember street names throughout the test.

Officer Sappington says right now, not everyone on the force can pass the test, but in two years when the test is mandatory, they will be.

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