Complaints about Elon's dining services continue; the most recent one at Lakeside Dining Hall.

"It was so gross."

Jessica Trinidad cut into an unexpected dinner last week at Lakeside Dining Hall.

"They gave it to me and when I was cutting into it, it was completely raw on the inside," Trinidad said.

An Aramark worker served her raw chicken and when Trinidad brought it back, she was even more surprised by the response.

"She responded with she already knew," Trinidad said. "And just walked away"

Trinidad tweeted at Elon Dining along with many other unsatisfied students.

Many students are also reporting dirty cups in Lakeside dining hall, moldy bagels from Acorn and hair in deli wraps from across campus. Students pay an average of five thousand dollars a year for this food in meal plans.

"Raw chicken and dirty cups are not worth $5000," Trinidad said.

Lakeside dining hall joins Colonnades by receiving sanitation grades of a ninety or below this year.

Kate Nelson is the marketing manager for Elon Dining Services on campus and said Elon Dining is still working to improve the conditions.

"We have temperature protocols in place to prevent this," she said. "We will make sure we address this issue with the lakeside dining staff."

But for now, Jessica Trinidad has her own solution.

"Me and my roommate bring our own cups to Lakeside," she said.

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