UPDATED: March 4, 2020: Information from an interview with Robbie Miley on Elon News Network's Election Special. 

Junior Robbie Miley will be the next executive president of the Student Government Association.

Miley won the election over junior Brandon Veal by 25 votes. According to SGA, 2,250 students voted, and Miley won by a 1.1% margin. Student participation in the election dropped by about 17% from last year, when 2,705 students voted.

“I'm on cloud nine right now, I'm so excited,” Miley said immediately after the vote. “I've been a part of this organization for two years. I've really put my all into this, and in this position I can really make a big impact.”

Miley, the current class of 2021 vice president, said he is looking forward to bridging the student body and the administration.

“In this position, you don’t necessarily have a lot of power, per se, but you do have a lot of influence and ability to get things done,” Miley said.

Miley said his first order of business will be to fill the vacant positions in the SGA senate. There are six positions still available, including executive secretary. 

"I want to work with the executive vice president and treasurer to make sure it's someone that we all feel comfortable working with," Miley said on an appearance on Elon News Network's Super Tuesday Election Special. "I also haven't talked to Brandon directly so I don't know exactly what his plans are, but he's definitely someone I would be willing to consider."

According to Miley, he plans to reach out to different clubs and organizations in search of candidates. The rest of Miley’s cabinet has been filled.

Miley said he is excited to serve alongside incoming executive vice president junior Jonathan Stettler, after being suitemates with him freshman year. Stettler won the seat for executive vice president by 613 votes, a 29.7% margin, beating junior Robert Cain. Stettler also said his first priority will be filling vacancies and beginning SGA’s transition.

The race for executive treasurer was uncontested, so junior Andrew Ciampa will be taking the position.

The executive board will be sworn in during the Leo Lambert Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, March 31 at 5 p.m. in McKinnon Hall in Moseley Center.

Candidates, SGA members and other students gathered in downstairs Moseley Center for the announcement of the victors on Tuesday, March 3. The winners of the other races were also announced.

Jessica Flacksenburg and Kyra Letsinger both ran unopposed, and will assume the positions of president and class senator respectively for the class of 2021. The positions of vice president, secretary, treasurer and second senator are vacant.

The class of 2022 will be represented by Hailey Jurgens as president, Daniel Dorociak as vice president and Jack Corby as treasurer. All three ran unopposed. Five sophomores ran for the two senator positions for the class of 2022, making it the most contentious race this election. Liam O’Connor and Andrea Sheetz won the positions.

Chase Solomon unseated Jumar Martin as the president of the class of 2023 by 21 votes. The positions of vice president, secretary and treasurer will be filled by Trevor Molin, Kimberly Castano and Kiara Hunter, who all ran unopposed. Blake Dixon and Victoria Burfield won the two senator seats.

The Academic Council Candidates were also decided. Sydney Coker will represent the School of Arts and Sciences on the Academic Council. The School of Education will be represented by Mackenzie Mason. Anita Harkov and Nolan Karfonta will represent the Love School of Business. The representative for the School of Communications remains vacant.

The class and academic council members will be sworn in on the first business meeting of the new legislative term in April. There is currently no deadline for when the vacancies will need to be filled.