With the digital age dominating the way college students stay in touch, effective networking over email becomes increasingly important.

When reaching out to potential employers, whether as a follow up or a first-time contact, there are a few essential parameters to keep in mind.

First, start your email off strong with a subject line that will grab the recipient's attention. Try to show your contact what you are looking to gain by reaching out in the first place.

Make the subject line career oriented as opposed to tailoring it to a specific job or internship position to start out. When tailoring the subject, strive to be as professional as possible. "Need a job?" "Looking to hire?" and "Need Advice" are weak subjects that do not provide a great foundation starting out.

Next, assure you address the email correctly! Unless you have met this person before and they've asked you to do otherwise, use "Mr." and "Ms." It is better to be too polite than too informal. By being careful here, the prospective intern shows a level of respect and maturity they'll appreciate.

As you continue through the email, include your major and university in order to provide context. Chances are the representative meets many students in a given week and may need help jogging his or her memory.

When including some of your interests and accomplishments, list both short and long term goals. The more specific, the more professional one comes across.

And finally, research the company and employee you're in contact with. Be informed about the inner workings of the company and be ready to detail what it is you like about the company, its work, and why you're interested.