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Paul Jaskulski, owner of Paulie’s Pub and Grill, said he opened the bar out of a love for both cooking and college students. This is Paulie’s second consecutive year as the “Best Bar” in Elon. 

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BEST OF: Major

Political science focuses on analyzing and researching politics, with many people focusing on domestic, international or policy affairs. A major that spreads across multiple interests and offers various career fields, political science gives students opportunities in government and politics.

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Elon in LA, one of Elon’s Study USA experiences, allows students to explore the city of Los Angeles while continuing to earn credits for their major.

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BEST OF: Staff pick - best individual activity

At Elon, something is going on all the time. On top of that, you’re probably tired, have a quiz coming up that you aren’t fully prepared for and have to sit through a lecture in a class you don’t really like. With the busy culture that Elon embodies, taking a moment to relax and be in the moment can be a rare occurrence.

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More than just fiction

Sophomore Christy Dickman balanced a tower of books in her hands as she made her way to the checkout desk at Belk Library. She said she hoped there’s no limit to how many she can have at a time; she is always eager to pique her interest in fiction.

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GALLERY: Festival of Lights 2019

Every year Elon community members gather outside of the Alamance Building for the annual Festival of Lights. The celebration, in part, is a way to honor donors to the school by lighting lanterns and placing them along the pathways of the university. 

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TOP PHOTOS: Nov. 22 - Dec. 2

While students were away from campus, Elon was still alive and preparing for the final push to finish the semester. Check out some of the top shots from over break and the week before including basketball games, repairs and student activities. 


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