LIFESTYLE 11/1/18 8:00am

Elon homecoming court nominees announced

This year, Elon University’s Homecoming will be celebrated with a diverse Homecoming Court of seniors, each as unique as they are committed to their cause. A group of 20 students — five males and 12 females — have been nominated to represent their organizations, class and Elon as a whole as members of the court.

LIFESTYLE 10/25/18 8:00am

Branding St. Xavier Fashion Line

Senior Kaveen Solanki remembers joking around with his roommate, at their College Station apartment about building a fashion brand. Through sleepless nights and trial and error for the past two years, Solanki took what was once a simple idea of having a fashion brand and made it a reality. Saint Xavier had its first clothing launch on Oct. 15.

LIFESTYLE 9/27/18 12:00am

Desde Perú hasta Elon

Un estudiante tradicional en Elon University se gradúa a los 22 años. Al graduarse, la gente les preguntan donde se ven en 10 años, pero Luis Renato no tiene que imaginar que va a estar haciendo a los 32 años porque ya lo está viviendo.