LIFESTYLE 4/19/21 1:47pm

22-year-old cancer survivor prepares for cross-country bike ride

At 16 years old, Catherine Nester was diagnosed with lymphoma, a type of blood cancer, that she would battle for the next three years. Now at 22 years old, Nester has been recovering from nerve damage to her legs and ankles following treatment. Nester, a junior at Elon University, is preparing to tackle her next challenge — a 4,000-mile bike ride across the United States over 50 days.

LIFESTYLE 4/18/21 4:32pm

Local florist industry is blooming, but supply can't keep up

Local florists in the Burlington area, including Roxie’s Florist, are experiencing an increase in demand as events resume. However, the surge in business has left the florist industry facing a major supply shortage. Longtime Roxie’s employee Wendy Grady said the pandemic didn’t decrease the demand, but it did decrease the supply.

LIFESTYLE 4/17/21 5:20pm

NPHC Garden renovations celebrate history

Elon’s National Pan-Hellenic Council Garden will reveal renovations in a celebration this Sunday, April 18. The garden, located by the Janice Ratliff Building, is dedicated to the historically Black fraternities and sororities on Elon’s campus. Elon’s NPHC Garden was first unveiled in September 2005, and was inspired by traditional plots at historically Black colleges and universities.

LIFESTYLE 4/16/21 2:33pm

Some Elon businesses hope to see a better future in 2021

Downtown Elon’s businesses, stretching from Pandora’s Pies in the northeast to MaGerk’s Pub and Grill in the southwest, are watching closely as COVID-19 vaccines are administered around North Carolina and the weather heats up. The owners of the assortment of shops in downtown Elon are hoping the events of the next few months, including graduation, will increase sales.

LIFESTYLE 4/16/21 10:44am

Spring production of "Macbeth" brews stylistic prophecy

“Macbeth” is a Shakespearean production based on the idea of how power corrupts, but following the insurrection at the country’s capitol, the play’s director, Kim Shively made it a priority to convey the work in a way that did not bear any resemblance to the political discrepancies occurring in the US. 

LIFESTYLE 4/15/21 11:20am

Elon student creates homemade jewelry business

With plans for the future to travel and teach internationally, Elon University sophomore Caroline Durham took her passion for making handmade jewelry and turned it into her own small business, The Travelin’ Teacher. Durham spent her last two years of high school in Costa Rica, where she began selling her handmade jewelry pieces at a small boutique in her free time.

LIFESTYLE 4/14/21 8:44am

Burlington-to-Berlin transplant creates sitcom

The sitcom, written by and starring Mark Janicello, follows the lives of divorced couple Tony and Tina Finelli and their two daughters, Lola and Lena. The personalities of the characters are based upon people in Janicello’s real life, and the show features live music and animated cartoons. 

LIFESTYLE 4/13/21 12:15pm

New hair salon set to open in downtown Elon

Shelly Miller and Teighla Norris decided to pursue their dream of opening a hair salon when their dream location became available. 102 North Williamson is located right on Elon University’s campus and is currently on its way to becoming a boutique salon called 102 North.

LIFESTYLE 4/12/21 2:13pm

Concern for climate change leads to student business

Elon University senior Matthew Mitten fell unintentionally into business when, in 2019, he ordered his first customized shirt printed with a phrase that would come to define his company: “Climate Change is Real.” The finance and applied math double major and founder of Climate Change Apparel said he was inspired to use the phrase to promote environmentalism.

LIFESTYLE 4/12/21 11:44am

Students bring thrifting to Elon

When their entrepreneurship class charged them to think of a problem worth solving, Elon University junior Grace Granger and sophomore Jakob Reuter wanted to tackle an environmental issue: clothing sustainability. The duo created @ElonUThrift to provide convenient clothing solutions for students while lowering the amount of waste on campus. 

LIFESTYLE 4/11/21 4:04pm

Confronting religious trauma

For some, religion serves as a community, a place of support. It can serve as a common identity shared among family members or a set of beliefs one has held since childhood that governs their lives. For others, religion is a source of pain and shame, a place they feel shunned and unwelcome or even unsafe. Unlike other forms of trauma, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, there is little research on the impact of religious trauma syndrome.

LIFESTYLE 4/11/21 1:23pm

Burlington local opens beauty salon in Elon

The hair and beauty bar opened in January 2021. But the growth of an Elon student clientele had been slow until the last few weeks, according to Ashley Waddell. Waddell traded her stethoscope and scrubs in for scissors and style when she opened Brushed Hair + Beauty Bar. The salon is located next to Fat Froggs Bar off of West Haggard Avenue less than a mile from Elon’s campus. 

LIFESTYLE 4/8/21 12:13pm

Elon Performing Arts showcases Medea with a modern twist

Traditional stage actors thrive off a live audience’s energy, but in Elon Performing Arts’ adaptation of Euripides’ Medea, the actors never come face-to-face with a live audience. Despite the unconventional approach to the Ancient Greek tragedy, the performance went on in a digital and prerecorded format. 

LIFESTYLE 4/2/21 4:35pm

Suspension of Broadway leaves Elon music theatre majors in limbo

When seniors in Elon’s music theatre department began college, no one expected in four years to graduate into a stagnant job market, after more than a year of virtual performances. Music theatre students have not only adjusted to physically classes and the loss of live theater, but program seniors seeking post-graduate employment are facing an additional burden — the shutdown of Broadway. 

LIFESTYLE 4/1/21 2:38pm

Tiny Dorm documents Elon music scene

Tiny Dorm concerts are filmed in co-founder and Elon senior Brendan Steuart’s apartment. He grew up in the Washington, D.C. area and said he enjoys driving past the NPR studios where NPR Music hosts the Tiny Desk video concert series. Knowing how many famous artists had made an appearance on Tiny Desk led to Steuart to create his own version on a more local level.

LIFESTYLE 3/30/21 1:12pm

Blended Nutrition & Energy hopes to promote healthy well-being

When a friend inspired Dawn Marvin to join a nutrition club, she discovered how much she enjoyed staying healthy and she dropped sixty pounds by altering her eating habits. Blended Nutrition & Energy Smoothie and Juice Bar has opened its second store in the Elon area located on Timberline Station Road. Marvin decided to start her business in order to inspire others. 

LIFESTYLE 3/30/21 11:23am

Elon minor champions intersectional feminism

The minor, initially called Women’s Studies, was developed and introduced at Elon in 1988 by professors Martha Smith and Seena Granowsky, who were inspired to found the program after attending a conference at Duke University on Women’s Studies programs, according to Elon University archives. Since 1988, the minor has served as an interdisciplinary analysis of women’s issues.

LIFESTYLE 3/29/21 12:52pm

A year into pandemic, professor mental health suffers

Professor of psychology CJ Fleming — who specializes in clinical psychology and mental health — said she has noticed two main things when considering professors’ mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic: fatigue and capacity for working memory. She said fatigue is probably what has affected her most, since she has had to reformat many of her consistently taught classes to fit an online or hybrid format.


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