Best known for his run on “Saturday Night Live,” comedian and actor Alex Moffat headlined Elon University’s Student Union Board spring comedy show March 7.

On Elon Day, Moffat joked to the audience about many different things like the life of college students alongside comedic stories about his experiences when he was that age. Jokingly he told the audience that when he was a young boy he had two dreams: to be on a certain sketch comedy television show, which was true, and to play the McCrary Theatre at Elon University, 

Elon senior Caroline Digan opened for Moffat at this performance, grabbing the attention of the entire audience right from the start, as she made jokes all Elon students could relate to. Throughout the years SUB has had many student openers. Digan followed in the footsteps of another female comedian who captivated audiences in McCrary over six years ago, Rebecca Hurd. 

SUB posted on their Instagram page Feb. 24 that they were searching for an opener and to contact two of the board members if interested, then there would be an interview and audition portion. Caroline was chosen out of multiple candidates to have the honor of opening for a world renowned comedian.

She joked about the pressure and stress of being a senior in college and people always asking her, “What are your plans for after graduation?” The audience laughed as she told stories about her experiences on campus with things such as Student Health Services and its appointment system, and the internship process.

Once the opening act was over Moffat had the crowd cheering the second he stepped on stage. He performed many skits throughout his hour-and-a-half performance. He started with some impressions of iconic public figures such as Shaquille O’Neil and Sammy Davis Jr.

After that, he told the audience about the research he had done on Elon before his arrival. With that research, he performed a set making fun of aspects of Elon, such as the 1923 fire, Elon’s “rival” school, High Point University, tuition increases and  bricks mysteriously disappearing from campus sidewalks at night. He also shouted out Elon Day, which coincided with the day of his show. 

Throughout the show, Moffat told the audience information about himself, allowing them to get to know him and connect with him better. He grew up in the Chicago area, went to college at Denison University in Ohio and is happily married to his wife, Caroline, who lived in the house behind him throughout his life but did not meet until they were much older, even though their mothers were good friends. 

Elon freshman Ian Brecker was just one of many students in attendance at Tuesday night’s show. 

“I thought it was very entertaining. It was super funny and I’m so glad I went,” Brecker said. “He kept me and my friends laughing and engaged the entire time. It was definitely a nice break from studying for midterms and a good way to cap off Elon Day.”