Elon sophomore Jacob Laxton released an original album with his own vocals and songwriting, “FULLSTOP” Feb. 24. 

Laxton, a producer for Elon’s student-run record label Limelight Records, has been producing music for five years. He found his love for production in making music for others at his high school.

“I just made music for everybody I possibly could have,” Laxton said. “I'd be at the lunch table, banging on the table making a beat for all the rappers. I was just obsessed with music and trying to do everything I could to get involved.” 

Over time, Laxton realized he could make music of his own. After watching a YouTube video on how singer and producer Jon Bellion uses his voice as an instrument, Laxton ultimately decided to try songwriting.

“I didn't go to sleep. I just sat there on my piano writing the songs,” Laxton said. “I wrote three songs that night, and they were all really bad. But I wrote three songs. I was like, ‘I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna be a producer. I'm gonna be a musician.’” 

Laxton began planning for the release of “FULLSTOP” in August 2022, but the songs have been in the works for almost a year and a half. The seven-song album features different genres, ranging from freestyle hip-hop to acoustic melodies. According to Laxton, each song had a different musical creation process, showcasing his own personal portfolio of music genres.

“It's a statement of where I'm at right now in life, or where I was at in life,” Laxton said. “That's why the album hits so many emotional parts, that's why the album is so vulnerable because all these songs are talking about things that I deal with.”

Laxton said that through his music writing process, he has learned to wear his heart on his sleeve. For him, it’s important that his music is authentic. As a songwriter, his goal is for people to relate to his music and understand his story as he uses it to understand himself, too. 

Laxton said he is looking forward to focusing on making music with other artists within Limelight and hopes to perform songs from the album at future Limelight open mic events. He said seeing people react to his art is the reason why he makes it. 

“I've had friends after listening to this come to me and just give me a big hug,” Laxton said. “They just realized who I was, and they kinda understood me a little bit better, which is awesome.” 

One song on the album, “Growing Pains,” was Laxton’s creative outlet for coping with the transition to college.

“I didn't know how to make friends. I was just so used to having my parents and going home every day,” and I didn't have a home,” Laxton said. “In that song, I was really explaining that and processing that and coping with myself through that songwriting.” 

“FULLSTOP” is available on all streaming platforms. “Truth” has a music video available on YouTube.