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LIFESTYLE 2/26/24 9:56am

Active Minds challenges stigma around mental health disorders at Elon University

As a mental health advocate, freshman Alyssa Artabane arrived in Elon searching for a community that reflects her values. In fall 2023, she decided to join Active Minds — an organization on campus that promotes mental health awareness. Artabane said Active Minds creates a positive environment for students interested in mental health. Members prioritize building personal relationships and supporting each other. Sophomore Emily Dann, the event coordinator of Active Minds, said the organization has many events throughout the semester that promote mental health awareness, such as a suicide prevention walk at 4 p.m. on April 21.

LIFESTYLE 2/25/24 6:22pm

Elon University music department promotes passion for jazz

Elon’s Jazz Festival launched a new program for middle and high school students to explore the history of Jazz. Musicians gave students an opportunity to enhance their skills in the jazz field. Director of Jazz Studies Alex Heitlinger is head of the recruiting Jazz program at Elon. He said the program allows students to gain new perspectives about Jazz education. Heitlinger hopes these experiences will inspire students to pursue a jazz profession. The Elon Jazz Ensemble performed in McCrary Theatre on Feb. 24, having been mentored by award-winning artist Kris Johnson.

LIFESTYLE 2/19/24 11:11am

Abusua dance concert at Elon University explores Black narrative

Elon University’s Performing Arts department presented “Abusua” in honor of Black History Month. The performers reflected a narrative of the struggles within the Black community. They incorporated realistic experiences that captivated the audience with a mixture of contemporary and Jazz. The dedicated and passionate performers explored the beauty of Black culture through traditional African dance at McCrary Theater on Feb. 16 and 17. They used the term Abusua to represent their idea of family, according to artistic director Keshia Wall. This was a recurrent theme throughout the performance which reflected their values as a diverse group.

LIFESTYLE 9/23/23 7:31pm

International Tango Obsession explores the world of Spanish culture at Elon University

The Camarada Tango Quartet explored a world of passion, mystery, and beauty in McCrary Theatre on Sept. 14. A powerful and smooth melody entranced the audience as the quartet dove into Latino Culture from Buenos Aires, Argentina and brought it to Elon University. The passionate tango dance was a mysterious obsession with intricate movements. The group drew attention with a jarring mix of seductive and smooth notes. The Camarada Tango Quartet was founded in 2020 to expand the complex dynamic of the Spanish tango.

LIFESTYLE 2/5/23 12:37pm

Elon University Surtal creates community on campus

When Elon University junior Shriya Baru joined Surtal, she hoped to meet new people and explore her Indian culture. Surtal helped Shriya establish connections with others who share similar beliefs. Surtal is Elon’s first Bollywood-fusion dance club and began in the fall of 2021. The club gives members the opportunity to learn about various Indian dance festivals. Members have performed at the Festival of Lights and Luminaries, the Festival of Colors and World Dance Day. 

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