LIFESTYLE 3/12/20 8:19am

Finding community by going Greek at Elon

As the excitement of 2020 spring recruitment fades, hundreds of Elon women are now weeks into their new member period, counting down the days until their official initiation into the greek community. These new members contribute to the increasing number of enrolled women choosing to join greek life. But with a history of exclusive practices, some remain skeptical that the benefits of sorority life truly extend to the broader community. 

LIFESTYLE 3/10/20 8:33am

Activating online success with eSports

A cascade of characters leap over obstacles and evade opponents. They face off against each other, fighting until the last breath. The match ends with one player left standing — it always comes down to the final seconds.

LIFESTYLE 3/6/20 8:48am

PASSION PROJECTS: Sculpting a business

The motorized spinning of the pottery wheel matches the rhythmic hand motion of junior Thomas Cadman as he molds a chunk of clay into his latest piece of art. According to Cadman, his whole body engages with the process as he works on the piece.

LIFESTYLE 3/1/20 11:09pm

Elon senior leads first men’s leadership for gender equity conference

On March 1, students, staff, faculty and community members were able to attend a keynote speech and breakout sessions dedicated to masculinity and male engagement toward gender equity on campus. The event, hosted by the Gender & LGBTQIA Center (GLC), the Interfraternity Council and Student Government Association, is Boles’ common good project — a requirement of all leadership fellows.

LIFESTYLE 2/28/20 1:18pm

Take Back the Night event supports survivors

Students, faculty, and members of the Elon community gathered for the semi-annual Take Back the Night event on Feb. 27. According to the Gender and LGBTQIA Center’s website, the event is "a student speak-out that is meant to empower and support survivors of gender-based violence.” 

LIFESTYLE 2/28/20 9:17am

New food delivery service rolls onto campus

Good Uncle, a delivery service founded in Syracuse, NY, is making its way to Elon University in early March. The concept behind the company is not unfamiliar to college students; it’s a meal delivery app in a market already flooded with these services.

LIFESTYLE 2/27/20 12:15pm

Trauma-informed yoga promotes a safe space on campus

From lighting, to set-up to sound, every detail was taken into consideration for the trauma-informed yoga session hosted by Elon’s Gender & LGBTQIA Center (GLC) in the McBride Gathering space on Wednesday night. For Elon University counselor and yoga instructor Allison Agresti, each element of the practice is essential in making sure her clients feel safe and empowered during their yoga practice and lives. 


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