Letters to the Editor

A statement about 'Lasting effects: sexual assault on college campuses'

4/22/14 5:05pm

The Pendulum Editorial Board would like to clarify its stance from the editorial “Lasting effects: sexual assault on college campuses” from April 8th. Our editorial was meant to initiate a dialogue about sexual assault survivors, the programs that are in place at Elon to support survivors, and ...

Letter to the Editor: Elon SLIC Alliance on Chick-fil-A

10/21/13 10:47pm

On behalf of a group of disappointed students, we would like to voice some criticism of the recent cover story about Chick-fil-A’s reopening. While the article does provide a good summary of last year’s Chick-fil-A controversy, it fails to address the full and current range of opinions on Elon’s campus. The problem with this coverage is that all of the students who voiced opposition to Chick-fil-A that were represented in the article graduated last year, while a number of the students who voiced support in the article were current students.

To the student body of Elon University

9/24/13 4:11pm

To the student body of Elon University, By now, you are likely aware of an incident last weekend in which a swastika, the letters “KKK”, and a sexually explicit image were drawn on the whiteboard outside two students’ room in a dorm on campus.

A resolution on foreign languages at Elon University, approved by members of Eta NC, Phi Beta Kappa, March 12, 2013

5/3/13 4:15pm

by Glenda Crawford For the past three years, members of Phi Beta Kappa at Elon University have observed with deep concern the fact that national Phi Beta Kappa foreign language requirements disqualify many top students otherwise eligible for membership.  The national requirements state: Stipulation 3: Candidates shall have demonstrated, by successful work in high school or college, or in the two together, a knowledge of a second or non-native language at least minimally appropriate for a liberal education.

Dear Elon and the Board of Trustees,

5/1/13 12:10pm

In light of the recent Chick-fil-A decision, I feel compelled to share a different perspective.  It seems that much of the discussion has revolved around the idea of freedom of expression, especially the expression of the “Christian” idea of family.  While I appreciate the desire to protect my right to free speech, I fear the Elon community is ill-informed of what it means to be a Christian. [quote]Christianity is not judgment.  Christianity does not shame or humiliate.  Christianity does not stand for the repression of others and it does not stand by silently when others are hurting.[/quote] I believe very strongly that my faith requires a life of action and love.

A letter to the Obama administration

4/19/13 2:27pm

Dear Editor, It amazes me how bad President Obama’s policies are for the global economy. Instead of supporting actions that could help the economy recover, he opposes anything that doesn’t line up with his donors and his liberal agenda. One thing I find absolutely appalling is his position on putting the burden of our government overspending on American companies.

Troy A. Martin: Letter to the Editor

3/7/13 11:09am

Dear Vendor Policy Committee Members, One of your charges from Elon’s Board of Trustees is to “conduct an independent study to respond to community concerns raised about Chick-fil-A’s presence on campus and its charitable contributions.” I understand that you are collecting and considering input through emails that are sent to vendorpolicy@elon.edu.

Nuggets Worth Pondering

10/23/12 5:13pm

Letter to the Editor: As a recent Elon alumna, I frequently find myself telling others about all the wonderful things happening on this campus.

Letters to the Editor: Chick-fil-A Editorial

10/8/12 12:44pm

[box] In the Oct. 3 edition of the newspaper, The Pendulum published an editorial arguing that Chick-fil-a should not be removed from Elon's campus based on the beliefs or spending practices of it's owner.