Earlier this month, Elon University sent out an email notifying all Elon employees that as of April 15, Elon will no longer offer Gmail, Google Workspace, or Google file storage to alumni not employed by the university. 

Previously alumni were allowed to use their account to use the storage and stay connected to Elon. 

Elon class of ‘17 alum Christian Hairston said that he uses his Elon gmail for storage and in case he needs to reach out.

“I had a lot of important information on that account that I had to move because of it,” he said.

The change arises from the fact that Google changed its policy regarding Google Workspace and file storage licensing for higher education institutions. Google no longer offers unlimited free amounts of storage space, but instead will offer a base amount of storage for a fixed fee with the option of purchasing additional storage space.

Alumni with degree dates after May 20, 2023 will be able to keep their account for one year after their graduation date. 

Many alumni use their Elon email address to keep in touch with the university and to utilize the Elon Job Network. 

Hairston said this change could affect his networking. 

“I think it can really affect my networking and getting in contact with them for anything I need or want,” he said.

As a result of this, the university has been encouraging all alumni to share their preferred personal email address on Elon’s “Update Your Information” page so they can stay connected to Elon opportunities. Also, all alumni were also offered the chance to stay connected to the Elon Job Network by registering with Elon’s alumni email-forwarding service, which would forward emails sent to @alumni.elon.edu to their preferred personal email account.

The university concluded the email by encouraging alumni to move their personal data out of the Elon-provided Google storage and to contact the Service Desk at 336-278-5200 for any questions.

Elon News Network reached out to IT and is waiting for comment. 

Kymani Jackson contributed to the reporting of this article.